Based on a recent Covario study, 43 percent of respondents indicated that “the rise of mobile search” is the most important issue facing search marketers in 2012. We’re already ahead of the game. We recommended using a one-URL strategy for mobile pages almost a year before Google and Bing. Being at the forefront of the search industry helps us help you stay ahead of a mobile world that can change course in a nanosecond.

Search Engine Optimization Goes Mobile

Mobile Search Engine Optimization is one component of an all-encompassing, online marketing strategy.  We encourage you to read more in our white paper that outlines the business case and strategy for executing Mobile SEO.

Desktop SEO Is Not Mobile SEO

As affirmed in the Covario Mobile SEO whitepaper, data suggests that less than 50 percent of mobile search results rankings resemble those found in the same search on a desktop. That number falls to about 25 percent when the search term has a local intent, which tells us that SEO needs to be adjusted based on each device’s search behavior.

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