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State of Search Engine Marketing in Thailand

Introduction In this blog post we will explore opportunities in digital marketing in the search engine marketing space for Thailand, one of the countries in Asia where we expect to see further digital marketing growth in the coming years. According to the country’s National Statistics Office (NSO), of the Thailand population of 62.9 million people […]

State of Search Engine Marketing in Indonesia

In 2013, Indonesia had 71.19 million Internet users, about 28 percent of its population₁. The country also has the fourth largest number of active Facebook users at 62 million₂. Indonesia ranked fifth with 29 million Twitter users last year, where people in the nation’s capital Jakarta alone account for 2.4 percent of all global tweets₃. […]

New trend emerging in South Korea’s search engine market

Is Naver Still Dominant? South Korea was an early adopter of high-speed Internet connections in the mid 1990′s. By 2010, broadband Internet in the country reached 95% household penetration, according to a report from Strategy Analytics. But while South Korea was quick to embrace the Web, there is something unique about the situation there when […]

Introducing LINE, an Emerging Social Network for Mobile in Japan

Unlike other countries, in Japan there is an emerging social media network that is drawing public attention. In Japan, Facebook, Twitter and Mixi are still the dominant social network services (SNS). However, LINE is a growing mobile SNS worthy to consider using for online promotion. Mixi certainly has been the dominant locally-born SNS with more […]