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5 SEO Myths that Still Haunt Us Today

Recently, I was among several SEO and content marketing experts who shared insights with Jim Martin, a writer for CIO.com, for an article about busting SEO myths. Since Jim couldn’t include all five of my top SEO myths in his report – to be fair to the other contributors – I thought I’d go ahead […]

Keyword reports are so… Pages are the new keywords!

So what now? As everyone in this field has seen over the past two years, Google has slowly pulled the rug out from underneath our keyword traffic reports. Many have speculated this was coming anyhow, it was just a matter of time. Well the time is now. Google has finally closed the door on easily […]

All Men By Nature Desire Knowledge Graphs

The Knowledge Graph’s purpose is to understand and present the user with the most relevant information/result on Google. Google is using Wikipedia, Google Maps, other Google products, as well as some other third party data to create the Knowledge results. Google is really focusing in on keeping people actively staying on the engine (as opposed to clicking on organic results) to find the factual or the related semantic result they seek.