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Smarter Marketing and the Packaged Knowledge Continuum

SaaS:  Software as a Service and Service as a Software In 2012, the Gartner Group issued a study saying in the next five years CMOs would spend more on technology than CIOs.  That may be true, but Gartner did not seem to comment on how much CIOs spend on technology services and systems integration, and […]

The Search and Content Marketing Maturity Models

Looking back to 2006, it’s amazing to see that Covario, known then as SEMDirector, published, possibly, the very first SEM maturity model. In the original SEM, or search maturity model, we describe five stages of growth of search programs.  At the time, these were focused on paid search programs, but they are equally relevant to […]

Lifecycle Automation for SEO and Smarter Content Marketing

Back in 2006, Covario published the original Search and Content Maturity Model to help marketers understand their organization’s relative sophistication and maturity to their peers.  We then created the Search and Digital Center of Excellence whitepaper in early 2010 to help search experts understand the various forms that an SCOE or DCOE might take, as […]

The Marketing Funnel and the Customer Lifecycle

Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action versus Reach, Depth and Engagement in Smarter Content Classically trained marketers are familiar with the Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) model of marketing: The funnel description of driving consumer awareness from awareness, to interest, to desire or decisions, and then to final actions. This is a very transactional approach to customers, with […]

Smarter Content Marketing Versus Inbound Marketing

Recently, there seems to be a lot of confusion between the terms “content marketing” and “inbound marketing.” Both are suggested to include the ideas of SEO, social media, email marketing, content creation and distribution, and other forms of owned and earned media. At Covario, we favor the term “content marketing” for a few reasons. First […]

Search, Share and Serendipity in Discovery Marketing

How many ways are there to discover content, or see ads for that matter? I’d argue that the act of discovering content, seeing it for the first time, boils down to three methods:  search, share and serendipity. Search is the most active and self-directed form of discovery. It is often viewed as “bottom of the […]

The Gen X CMO, Smarter Search and Smarter Content

Four years ago I wrote a blog post on the new “Gen X CMO.” While pundits and publishers were spilling pixels about the disparity between the time spent online versus the money spent online, few were getting to the root cause of that disparity. My argument then, which is now being played out, is that […]

Three Types of Smarter Content…

Their Relevance to the Content Lifecycle of being Found, Friended, Followed and Forwarded Media buyers and digital marketers are familiar with first- and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are those placed by advertisers, and third-party cookies are those placed by publishers. But what about “second-party cookies?” In practice, no such cookie exists because a consumer or […]

When Will Google Shares Hit $1,000?

Covario’s Quarterly SEM Spend Report an Indicator of Future Revenues and Stock Price Covario has now published our quarterly SEM spend trend report for seven years.  We have enjoyed great feedback from clients who use the report to manage and forecast their annual PPC budget growth and allocations across geographies and search engines. Another great […]

Content is the New Currency for Smarter Search and Smarter Marketing

“Money can’t buy me love.” While money can buy impressions, it can’t buy organic visibility, social conversations or conversions.  For search marketers in the modern media age, relevant content is the new currency. We are in the sunset of the age of paid advertising as the dawn of content marketing arises.  Consumers are now “ad […]