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Yahoo to Partner with Mozilla Firefox in The U.S.

On Wednesday, Yahoo’s CEO proudly announced that Yahoo will become the default search engine partner of Mozilla Firefox in the U.S. beginning in December. Firefox has between 14%-19% of market share and is the third most popular search engine. Marissa Mayer said in the announcement: “This partnership helps to expand our reach in search”. This […]

The Power of Google Docs and Sheets for SEM

Google Docs and Sheets are a free alternative to Microsoft Office right? Well yes, that is predominantly the idea behind the inception of Google Docs and Sheets. The ability to work offline and online and store your documents for collaboration or further use in the cloud (Google drive). All for free. This alone makes playing […]

Call Tracking Now Available Free From Google

What is it? Google has announced it is rolling out onsite call tracking for AdWords search engine marketing campaigns. By placing a piece of code on your website, a business can overlay a unique phone number specific to your SEM campaign over the regular number. This allows paid search to not only track the usual […]