Content is the New Currency: CommNexus Panel with Covario, Nokia and Others [Video]

Content marketing has proven its ability to not only capture attention, but also build trust with consumers at the same time. As a result, it has become a bridge for consumers and brands to build a meaningful relationship with each other.

In other words, content has become a new currency that brands can exchange for those relationships, ultimately yielding bottom-line business results.

Our CEO Russ Mann has expanded on this trend, pointing out how consumers have become more and more “banner blind” and likely to not respond to overtly paid-for advertising. On the other hand, earning those consumer responses by producing valuable content has become increasingly effective.

That being said, there are many challenges that come with changing one’s approach to embrace content marketing. How does a brand create truly relevant and valuable content that people can’t wait to share? How can a company scale a content marketing program across an international enterprise? Search, social media and content marketing all work hand-in-hand with one another, but how does a company most effectively integrate them?  How do we measure success and ultimately demonstrate the value of a content marketing program?

CommNexus, a technology industry non-profit in San Diego, brought five industry experts including myself together to start an ongoing social media speaker series.  We also serve as co-chairs to answer the growing demand of companies to grow in this area. Content marketing is critical to the success of social media and became our first topic. Four of us served as panelists and set out to at least start to answer some of the above questions. Below is the video of that discussion.

How is your company capitalizing on content marketing? Do you have any additional questions about content marketing that we can answer in future Covario blog posts or CommNexus panels?


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  1. Asher Elran
    Asher Elran says:

    Content indeed became the new currency in the field of online marketing. As internet users become more sophisticated, “we have the best product banner” will not bring you a client any more, you will have to write something very engaging for a potential customer to become a customer.

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