Project Management, Covario-Style

Covario’s clients include a wide range of global, Fortune 500 companies whose digital marketing needs span the internet within the search, social and paid media arenas. With that said, these organizations must collaborate with various digital marketing agencies that have often times never worked with each other in the past.

In the dynamic, ever-changing world of business and technology, the employment of multiple agencies can possibly be chaotic, and our clients look to us for more than just expertise in search marketing. Our clients also need our guidance when partnering with other agencies for achieving optimal results and efficient accounting of their budgets.

We established a Project Management Office (PMO) to do just that — implement streamlined processes both internally and for our clients that result in even better agency partnership, on-time delivery, under-budget execution, and top-notch quality of deliverables.

What else does our PMO do?
  • Organize internal teams and external partners
  • Support account leads by helping define strategic objectives
  • Create contracts and collaborate with account leads to achieve planned goals, schedules, and deliverables
  • Develop and implement project management best practices, processes and procedures
  • Allocate resources in line with operational and budgetary constraints
  • Manage the needs and expectations of internal and external stakeholders
  • Generate reports to monitor risks and optimize resource utilization, productivity, spend, etc.
Why are we writing this blog?
  • Pioneer the role of project management in the digital marketing space
  • Assist corporate brand managers in their partnering with digital marketing agencies
  • Create a thought-provoking forum in order to share expertise as project management thought leaders
What are some topics which our readers can expect from this blog?
  • The fundamental goals of project management
  • How/why project managers are key contributors to pricing decisions
  • Why project managers should know their team members in order to lead successful projects
  • How team satisfaction can yield client satisfaction
  • Speaking the same language as one another: project managers and project team members
  • How AtTask facilitates successful project management
  • Building a fierce project management brand within your teams and company
  • Communication and personalities: communicate to be well-received and not just heard
  • How to become a digital project manager and obtain related certifications

Project managers are Covario’s ultimate organizational focal point for the diverse client base we serve. Since launching this new department in 2011, our PMO now supports dozens of worldwide enterprise-level clients with eight project managers who have a combined experience of 30-plus years, several of whom are certified as PMPs by the Project Management Institute. Covario also uses a real-time, online project management system known as AtTask to bring its worldwide team members together in one virtual, collaborative forum in order to support global marketing operations.

We look forward to improving digital marketing by advancing new and relevant thoughts on the role of project management in this space. Be sure to check back with us soon!