What Fuels Search Marketers – Case Study

Yesterday, Tuesday, June 7th, in downtown Seattle, I had the opportunity to speak at SMX Advanced on a great panel called the Periodic Table of SEO Elements.  It was a discussion about what elements fuel SEO, and it really was a great conversation about the different factors that make up organic search optimization.

This panel discussion got our me and my fellow Covario colleagues thinking; it’s great to know what elements fuel SEO, but what about the elements that fuel the search marketers themselves.  And as employees of an analytics company, my team went about looking for that data and we found it.

On Monday night June 6th, SMX Advanced held their Meet & Greet Cocktail Hour.   We were one of three sponsors of the evening event.   So with a little help from the nice folks at SMX Advanced and Bell Harbor Conference Center, we were able to get a statistical breakdown on what exactly the search marketers in attendance chose to fuel their conference week and with that data we put together this Infographic.

Of the 637 beverages consumed by search marketers attending the Meet & Greet Party, we learned that only 2% were non-alcoholic.  This was much lower than we had anticipated given the unrelenting Seattle sun and the slightly uncomfortable heat we all found on the conference center’s Ocean View Terrace.  Only 15% of search marketers chose to stave off heat stroke with a nice glass of wine, but as expected the majority of the wine drinkers (57%) went with white, while 43% stuck with red.  The biggest question we had was whether the cocktails or the beer selection would win the hearts of attendees and many of us had really thought that beer would be the clear winner. Interestingly enough, beer was the SMX favorite by only a plurality with 44%, while cocktails accounted for 39% of the beverages consumed at the event.

Perhaps the most interesting of the data was the breakdown of the cocktails consumed.  SMXers who had cocktails preferred Vodka drinks only marginally more than Gin (a huge surprise to us) and significantly more than Bourbon and Rum with Scotch and Whiskey just behind and Tequila in dead last.

We had thought that there would be a very clear winner here overall with one drink really standing out from the rest, but it seems that search marketers (or at least those that attend SMX Advanced) are a pretty diverse crowd, especially when it comes to their consumption habits.