INFLECTIONPoint 2010: Search Marketers Should “Think Bigger”

Shar VanBoskirk just closed her remarks at Covario INFLECTIONPoint 2010 with bold statements of how this will be the year that advanced search marketers break ahead of the pack.

1. Apply advanced analysis to your search program

  • Go beyond reporting and dig into the data – continue to increase the complexity of the questions you are asking: revenue to incremental revenue, customer counts to user profiles
  • Start using predictive analysis when building campaigns – determine which customers are likely to purchase product/complete forms/build loyalty and build campaigns around their habits
  • Optimize your campaigns consistently – ask yourself if search is the best method to reach certain types of customers; use the best offer that fits the customer

2. Build user intent profiles

  • Go beyond what keywords and search engines are being used – find out what matters to users
  • Anticipate what users are planning to do next, not just what they’re doing
  • Use multiple sources to compile the information – open up to sources outside of search-related statistics

3. Create a holistic strategy – “Think Bigger”

  • Focus on how to extend your search program – look for complementary media to drive more traffic
  • Include search in a more holistic customer program
  • Increase the avenues of impact – it is not enough to target one goal but open up your strategic goals. If you focus on lead gen with occasion branding, open up the branding channel.